Arlo Essential review, an affordable wireless surveillance camera [2022]

This week, I invite you to discover the Arlo Essential . This is a small wireless surveillance camera to install yourself, at home. The brand promises you quality images to monitor your exterior while benefiting from a configuration within the reach of individuals. I offer you a complete test and my opinion , to find out if this product meets all your expectations.

Packaging Arlo Essential

  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Connect to the Arlo app and receive instant alerts upon motion detection
  • EASY TO USE: 100% wireless, the Arlo essential is easy to set up anywhere


Upon unboxing, the Arlo Essential looks like nothing like a kid’s toy. It has a simple and clean design . We fully recognize its function as a camera. This is an essential point, since the mere presence of a camera can deter potential burglars.

Easy installation

As for each of my tests, I entrust the installation of the camera to a beginner. From an installation standpoint, you just need to equip yourself with the right tools to drill into your wall. You can fix your camera using the included bracket very quickly. The base offered by the Arlo brand seems resistant and of good quality.

From a camera connection point of view, there is an evolution of the brand. You will no longer need a base . The surveillance camera connects directly to your box, for quick and easy configuration. The instructions provided will help guide each of you, from the most novice to the most experienced, for an installation in a few minutes .

The brand’s previous models required connection to a base. It was therefore an additional cost to add to that of your camera. Here, no bad surprise, once the connection is established, you can enjoy all the features of your device.

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A rather convincing image quality

The first phase of my functional test lies in checking the image quality offered by the surveillance camera. The Arlo Essential is a model that offers 1080p Full HD recording . After installing the device, I tried to obtain images during the day, at night, but also in rainy weather.

If the night affects the quality of the image, the fact remains that a person who is relatively close to the camera can be quite recognizable. I am therefore rather conquered by the quality offered by this inexpensive camera from the Arlo brand.

In addition, you will be able to benefit from lighting allowing you to have color images, even when they are recorded at night. This is a non-negligible point, since most intrusions take place at night, and a poor quality camera will not identify the people who have entered your home.

  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Connect to the Arlo app and receive instant alerts upon motion detection
  • EASY TO USE: 100% wireless, the Arlo essential is easy to set up anywhere

Features and resistance

To make sure the Arlo Essential was sturdy, I exposed it to the elements such as rain and cold. Here too, it’s flawless, since the camera offers you an equivalent image quality. No deterioration is to be deplored.

My favorite is the camera’s smart notification feature . You will be notified on your smartphone in case of movement . The brand also promises you to detect events more accurately. For example, you will be told that a delivery person has just dropped off a package in the visual field of the camera. There is a slight lack of precision in this option. The fact remains that it is an interesting initiative on the part of the brand, which should be improved on the next models that will be released.

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Like all models, the Arlo Essential has some drawbacks. My test did not allow me to benefit from an effective connection to the Alexa assistant. The brand claims, in fact, to allow you to connect your camera to these devices. If the connection is possible, there is some latency, even with a good Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, you will need to pay a monthly subscription to benefit from all the options of the Arlo Essential. You will therefore not have access to smart notifications without paying for this package.


To conclude, my opinion on the Arlo Essential is quite good. This is an ideal model for individuals who want to start equipping themselves to monitor their home. This will allow you to benefit from good image quality, without breaking the bank.

  • INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Connect to the Arlo app and receive instant alerts upon motion detection
  • EASY TO USE: 100% wireless, the Arlo essential is easy to set up anywhere

149.99 EUR −35.13 EUR 114.86 EUR See the offer

If some options are still to be refined by the brand, my test remains a success. If you want to discover more efficient cameras, or have additional options, do not hesitate to go directly to the manufacturer’s website . You will be able to discover more elaborate products, to allow you to monitor your home.

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