Astroberry – Pilot your telescope remotely

There may be some amateur astronomers among you who want to automate things a bit so they don’t spend sleepless nights under the stars while working the next day.

Well good news, thanks to Astroberry, you will be able to use a Raspberry Pi to control your astronomical equipment. Thanks to Astroberry you can remotely control your telescope, your focuser, your camera, etc.

So how does it work?

Well Astroberry is quite simply a Linux distro for the Raspberry Pi, which is accessed directly or via VNC and which embeds lots of software to track lots of objects such as satellites or planets, capture images of the sky and especially drivers and tools needed to drive motors and relay cards to move a telescope, for example.

Astroberry will bring you all the software layer necessary for the development of your personal observatory. Awesome no?

For installation, nothing could be simpler, just go to the wiki and follow the documentation.

Happy stargazing everyone!

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