Atlas review: The Windows 10 optimized for gamers

Atlas review: The Windows 10 optimized for gamers

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A gamer’s Windows? That’s how its creator presents Atlas, but honestly, I think it will suit anyone looking for a fast and streamlined operating system without unnecessary frills.

Yes, because Atlas is a completely transformed version of Windows 10. The transformations are not aesthetic, so if you’re a fan of tuning, you’ll have to look elsewhere. However, it is optimized to improve the overall performance of the Windows system and minimize latency in video games. All pre-installed software and unnecessary components have been removed, which also greatly reduces the size of the ISO and the installation on the hard drive.

Atlas The optimized Windows 10
Atlas The optimized Windows 10

To be more precise, here’s what has been removed from this version of Windows:

  • The TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
  • Windows Defender
  • Storage Spaces eMMC drives
  • RAID disk configurations BitLocker
  • Biometrics (face/fingerprint recognition)
  • Voice recognition
  • System restore and reset points
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Atlas ram

One of Atlas’s strengths is its respect for privacy. No tracking and group policies are used to minimize data collection. Security has not been forgotten either.

Atlas is really cool, because it is completely open source. This means that everything is documented and all the code is available on Github.

Of course, there are some residual bugs. WSLv2 is not supported (only v1), and you will be forced to use it in English, as alternative languages do not seem to install unless you are lucky. And of course, this is not a cracked Windows. You will need to activate it as usual. But it is perfectly usable without a key.

So we have a slightly degraded Windows, but so performant. I installed it and just the installation itself was super fast, without any unnecessary steps. And since I use it in a VM, it’s even better because it’s very light at runtime and super fast at boot.

After installation, the OS will launch a lot of optimization scripts. Let it do its thing and wait until it’s finished and asks you to log out.

Download Atlas

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If you’re interested in the project, you can find it here.