Atuin – Replace your shell history with an SQLite database and synchronize it between all your machines

When you use the terminal, there’s a great thing that automatically fills in, it’s the shell history. This allows you to find the command lines you previously entered. But this is not very practical to explore and above all, if you juggle between several machines, each has its history and that’s it.

Thanks to the Atiun tool, whose name comes from a giant tortoise in Terry Pratchett’s series of Discworld books, you will be able to replace the history of your current Shell with an SQLite database. Thus, Atuin will add additional context to your commands and allow you to quickly search among them.

In addition, thanks to its fully encrypted optional synchronization system, your history can be shared between all your sessions and your machines via an Atuin server, which is really practical.

You can download Atuin here.

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