AutoPwn Suite – A script to automatically detect vulnerabilities

If you are doing a bit of pentest or want to assess the security of your website, without diving too deep into the technical, I present to you a great script called AutoPWN Suite.

This Python script, once installed, launches an nmap TCP-SYN scan to output server information and detect the software versions running there.

I remind you that this kind of script should only be used to assess the security of your own hardware. If you use it for illegal purposes, you’ll end up in jail, you won’t be able to see your family, and you’ll probably have to get a face tattoo to please your sugar daddy from behind bars. So don’t mess around!

After collecting enough information about the host, AutoPWN then automatically generates a list of keywords to search the NIST vulnerability database. LFI, XSS, SQLi…etc., everything goes.

The objective is to quickly and easily detect the main vulnerabilities of a system and possibly to download exploits, or even launch a reverse Shell.

And if you are doing Python, AutoPWN Suite can also be used as Python module And that is cool.

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