If you practice AWS, did you know that with this python script named AutoVPN, you can easily create OpenVPN access points in any AWS region?

Creating an OpenVPN access point with this script will only take you a few minutes and will automatically create the groups that are fine for your secure access. To do this, AutoVPN starts an EC2 instance and configures OpenVPN. As soon as the installation and configuration is complete, an OpenVPN config file is downloadable and ready to use.

Another function also allows you to see which instances are running and in which AWS Regions.

AutoVPN allows you to specify the type of instance you need, generate SSH key pairs, specify custom IAM…etc.

This is super handy for creating access points based on demand and then being able to delete them as if nothing had happened.

If you want to know more, all the documentation and the script can be found on the Github page.

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