Our favorite witch is back! No I’m not talking about the apprentice Sabrinabut incredible Bayonetta, which returns in a third action game that’s still just as crazy and crazy. Appeared in 2009 on consoles nextgen from the time, the license became a Nintendo exclusive in 2014 with the release of the first sequel to WiiU.

We had to wait 8 years, just that, to find it on Switch in order to knock out the angels with style and hair. Because here, if you didn’t know it, Bayonetta is a witch who uses her hair to summon all kinds of things, mainly demons, but also her clothes… That’s why sometimes she’s half naked. 😅 Nothing shocking I can assure you, but it can be a little annoying if someone is watching you play over your shoulder (note: there is an option to make the game entirely SFW 😇).

It is only one element among others that characterizes this completely barred, baroque atmosphere, over the top : the scenario, too, goes off in all directions. It’s really fun, unexpected, supported by an extremely generous staging. Entire cities are destroyed, we wander through the multiverse, we meet new characters, and also new gameplays : the experience is extremely varied! Contrary to appearances, the action remains super readable

We stay on a basis of beat em all / hack’n’slashwith combos and a system of scoring pushed. If the game is easy to pick up, mastering the subtleties and chaining the decks will not be an easy task! There are a lot of blows, weapons, demons to unlock, which means that we always discover new things, we chain fights without getting tired. The exploration phases make you want to discover everything, there are plenty of things to find, in short, on the content there too it is very generous.

My favorite level takes place in the heart of Paris, post-apo atmosphere: under a red moon we beat up a big monster on the roof of the Arc de Triomphe, then we are chased by a horde of zombified cops who start dancing like Thrillerto end with a tribute to Fifth Element (proof of good taste because it’s the best film in the world, isn’t it?)… This is just a small preview of what awaits you!

Bayonetta 3 3
Viola, new playable character, offers more aggressive gameplay

Again (and that’s why I’m telling you about it), it’s a title that I really enjoyed. Everything is fun and silly, the content is gargantuan, the lifespan is substantial, the gameplay has a striking depth. If you like intense and complete action games, I invite you to check it out. But then if you like fighting, impossible to miss!

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