As you know, I really like AI-based image generation systems and today I invite you to test this page of MyHeritage which allows from a handful of photos, to take you on a journey through history.

Indeed, the service is able to transport you through different eras of history by generating photos of you (or anyone else) as an ancient Greek, prehistoric man, knight of the templars, scholar of the renaissance, futuristic cyborg, Egyptian king, punk rock lover and so on.

I put you a small selection with my personal person… Not bad, isn’t it? So yes, on the other hand, it will not have escaped the finest sleuths who populate your ranks: You must upload your photos to the MyHeritage site. As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t put any pictures of me naked… nah, only public photos that everyone can find on Google Images.

So, I was able to redo my Twitter skin and that’s cool :). The images are not of extreme quality so I invite you to improve them with this tool Where this one.

Here is a video that will explain in more detail how it works.

If this interests you, it is to be discovered here.

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