Best 16 Google Voice Features You Must Know in 2023

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In this guide, we will discover: Best 16 Google Voice Features You Must Know in 2023

Are you planning to start using Google Voice app? You should know the top Google Voice features before opting for them.

Google Voice is a VoIP phone service from Google that allows you to make calls to most US and Canadian numbers for free.

It also allows you to make local and international calls and send texts from your computer and smartphone.

If you want to use this service, you may learn about its popular and not-so-popular features before making the final decision.

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is an intelligent voice calling service that uses VoIP technology. This app is available for personal and business use.

Google account owners in the US can use this service, while It’s also available to Google Workspace users from Canada, the UK, and several other European countries.

You can use the Google Voice app on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, iPhone, and iPad. You can run it on other platforms as well but with limited functionality.

Top Google Voice Features Everyone Should Know

Google Voice capabilities are not limited to making calls all over the world. It offers numerous features that’ll benefit personal and business users. In this section, we’ll explore such attributes of the Google Voice app.

1. Calling from Gmail

You can directly call using Google Voice from your Gmail interface. To avail of this Google Voice feature, you also need to be a Google Workspace subscriber.

Users with both subscriptions will see the calling icon on their Gmail sidebar.

2. Voicemail Transcripts

Google Voice generates transcripts for the voicemails you get using speech-to-text technology. These are essential for those who receive hundreds of voicemails.

It helps you check what’s in that voicemail, even when you’re in a meeting or not in a position to listen to it.

Instead of listening to each voicemail till the end, they can scan through the transcription to find the important ones.

3. Call Forwarding Rules

You can forward or redirect calls from all your numbers to your Google Voice number. Besides, this app lets you set specific call-forwarding rules.

Setting up the rules, you can redirect a call to multiple numbers if ringing on one number doesn’t bring any response. It also supports incoming call ringing on various numbers at the same time.

4. Call Recording

It only takes a tap to start recording a Google Voice call and stop it. Online access to these call recordings is another vital Google Voice feature.

It comes in handy in case of interviews and meetings that you might need to refer to in the future.

5. Call Block

Like your smartphone, call blocking is an important feature of the Google Voice app.

If some sales caller is bothering you, you can block their numbers to stop calls or texts from that number reaching you.

Furthermore, the blocked number will be saved in your call log or messages. You can go to the call history and unblock that number if needed.

6. Real-Time Voicemail Listening

You don’t have to wait to check a voicemail till it ends. You can directly listen to it as someone leaves it for your number.

This Google Voice feature is not available in most VoIP calling services. While listening, if you want to attend that call, you can also do that.

7. Free Unlimited Text

One of the highly beneficial Google Voice features is that it allows you to text free from any device or platform of your choice.

This means you can text your professional contacts from the same mobile while keeping your communications separate. Isn’t it awesome?

Since the Google Voice app lets you send unlimited text, you can use this feature for promotions and campaigns.

8. Greeting Recording for Auto Attendant

Auto attendant is a Google Voice business feature that allows you to record greeting your callers and helping them connect to the correct department.

It lets you customize the call menu of your Google Voice number. Personalization of name, welcome message, unskippable announcement, language and submenus are available.

9. Manage Google Voice With Google Fi Together

You can manage the Google Voice app and Google Fi from the same Google account if you’re also a Google Fi user. The features save you from juggling multiple Google accounts.

10. Ring Groups

This Google Voice feature is available to Business plan users. It allows admins to create multi-user groups using the same Google Voice number.

Admins can distribute calls among the agents depending on their availability or other predefined attributes.

11. Redialing after Call Drop

The Google Voice app offers you the option to call back immediately for call drops.

Moreover, if your unstable internet connection is the reason behind the call drop, this Google Voice feature will prompt you to call back using your mobile carrier’s network.

12. Low-Cost International Calls

Google Voice app isn’t only for calling and texting US and Canadian numbers. You can use it for international calls.

The call rates vary from country to country. But it’s less costly than regular telephone calls.

13. Protection Against Spam Calls

The use of AI and Machine Learning highlights Google Voice features.

This service identifies almost all spam calls. For blocking, it either redirects those calls to the spam folder or screens them with caller ID.

14. Local Phone Number

One useful Google Voice business feature is the facility to get a local phone number. Currently, this feature only covers the local numbers of the US.

Imagine your company is headquartered in Oregon, US, and you are part of its remote team. You can choose a local number with an Oregon area code if you reside in any country where this service is available.

15. Intuitive Dashboard for Desktop

The desktop app is full of Google Voice features. From it, you’re just one click away from features like call log, callback, dial-pad, voicemail, and contact list.

It also has settings for calls, microphones, speakers, and more. As a result, you don’t have to open new windows to manage the basic tasks.

16. Scalability

Companies using this service might need to scale up. Google Voice business features for admins include adding new numbers with different area codes quickly and effortlessly.

17. Integration With Google Workspace Apps

Being a Google product, Google Voice supports integration with different Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite) apps, such as Google Meet and Google Calendar.


Google Voice is a robust solution for calling and texting international numbers from anywhere.

Here, we’ve tried to share all the crucial features of Google Voice so you can get the bigger picture.

Which of these Google Voice features do you like most? Is there any feature you want to see in Google Voice app in the future? Tell us in the comments.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Google Voice alternatives.

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