Best Book Summary Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Best Book Summary Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

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If you find yourself leading a busy lifestyle without sufficient time to read books, consider utilizing a book summary app to assist you. Despite the undeniable benefits of reading books, the fast-paced nature of modern life can leave little room for leisurely reading. Additionally, the short attention spans of younger generations due to information overload can also pose a challenge.

However, you need not miss out on popular book releases and the resulting discussions. There are a variety of book summary apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, which can help you stay informed. Check out our list of recommended book summary apps below.


Blinkist is a book-summarizing subscription service based in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 2012 by Holger Seim, Niklas Jansen, Sebastian Klein, and Tobias Balling and has eighteen million users as of 2021.

Android and iOS


Instaread offers book insights in text and audio format, so you can opt for the style you need. It lets you download the audio and text for offline listening and reading.

There is also an Instaread Originals section that covers important topics and people. Moreover, you can save your favorite summaries in your personalized library. You can go for its 7-day free trial and subscribe to any plan.

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Best book summary app 12min Book Summaries & Ideas
Best book summary app 12min Book Summaries & Ideas

12min extracts all the best ideas from bestselling non-fiction books and organizes them in micro books format. In this book summary app, you get the summary of 2500+ books in 3 languages.

It offers curated playlists and personalized recommendations for each user. Also, you can choose from the books of 24 categories. Further, the app offers a 3-day free trial with no feature limits.

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Summary Z

Summary Z Book Summaries
Summary Z Book Summaries

With Summary Z, learning about the best highlights and insights of popular fiction and non-fiction books becomes seamless. The summaries are also available in audio format for learning on the go.

This book summaries app will also benefit you if you want to grow a reading habit and start with something small. You can download it for free and go for any of its subscriptions.

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Mentorist helps you change your life direction by implementing strategies and ideas described in the best books. It encourages you to read the book summaries and learn from them for real-life implementation.

This app offers summaries of 200+ books on personal development, leadership, education productivity, communication, and mindfulness. With in-app purchases, you can access the content in text and audio formats on this free app.

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MicroBook read book summaries
MicroBook read book summaries

Do you want to read all the inspiring non-fiction books but don’t have enough time? Get MicroBook, a free book summary app exclusively designed for iPhone.

Here, book summaries on soft skills, professional development, and well-being are available. This app also offers a personalized library and reading recommendations for individual users.

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Uptime 5-min Books, Courses
Uptime 5-min Books, Courses

On Uptime, you get access to summaries of 2,500+ books and documentaries. It also converts the insights into actionable items so you can learn from them.

You can also share these with your friends and colleagues. Downloading this app is free, but you need to subscribe for full features.

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Retell - Key Ideas in 15 Mins
Retell – Key Ideas in 15 Mins

With Retell book summary app, it only takes 15 minutes to learn the key takeaways of a book. You also get a personalized reading list suggestion according to your preference.

Besides reading the summaries, you can also listen to them while traveling. It would be best if you bought any of its plans to get complete access to this app.

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StoryShots is a book summary app with thousands of book summaries, audiobooks, and Cliff Notes. You can even access a book’s critical insights through animation and infographics.

Here, you get the summary content in 18 different languages. This free book summary app includes in-app purchases.

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Although there is no substitute for the habit of reading books, the reality of modern life is that many people struggle to find the time to finish large volumes. Fortunately, with the best book summary apps, readers can obtain the key takeaways of a book in just 5 to 30 minutes. This alternative offers an efficient and effective way to consume valuable information without committing to lengthy reading sessions or purchasing books that may never be read.

If a book summary piques your interest, you can always purchase and read the full version at a later time. Below are the best free apps available for reading books.