Best Guide to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC (2023)

Best Guide to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PC (2023)

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In this tutorial, we will discover: Best Ways to Connect iPhone to Windows 11 PCSo, let’s begin!

You can now connect your iPhone to Windows 11 using the Phone Link app, and in this guide, you will learn how. Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of its Phone Link app for Windows 11 that brings support for iPhone. However, the app is currently only available as a preview, but it’s expected to roll out soon to the masses.

Although the Phone Link app has been around for some time, it was only available for Android devices, but now, it’s expanding support to iOS.

This guide will teach you the steps to connect your iOS device to Windows 11 through the Phone Link app.

Connect iPhone to Windows 11 using Phone Link

To connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 device through the Phone Link app, you need a computer enrolled in the Dev, Beta, or Release Preview Channel, and then use these steps:

  1. Open Start on Windows 11.
  2. Search for Phone Link and click the top result to open the app. Quick note: If the option is grayed out, you don’t have the version of the app that includes the integration. In this case, open Microsoft Store > Library and click the “Get updates” button.
  3. Click the iPhone button to launch the wizard to pair the mobile device (and ensure Bluetooth is turned on).
    Source: Microsoft
  4. Scan the code on the screen to install the companion app on your iPhone with the steps to pair the mobile device.
  5. On your phone, launch the app and confirm the linking code on your computer to complete the pairing.
  6. Confirm the permissions to allow the Phone Link to interact with your iPhone.
    Phone Link Bluetooth pair with iPhone   Source: Microsoft Quick note: The app will show you the steps to configure the permissions from your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. You shouldn’t skip this step, as it’s needed to show notifications and access to contacts.

Once you update the app, you will be able to connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 desktop or laptop to send and receive messages from iMessage, make and receive calls, and check your notifications without picking up your phone.

The integration works through a Bluetooth connection between the device running Windows 11 and your iPhone. However, the integration isn’t utterly seamless since there are some limitations. For example, you won’t be able to send images or participate in group messages.

Furthermore, you won’t have access to your conversation history, as the Phone Link app will only show the messages you sent or received from the application.

Finally, this solution does not give you access to your photos, but you can always use the Photos app that brings iCloud Photos integration to Windows 11.

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