Best Way to Clear Bing AI Chat Search History in Windows 11 PC

Best Way to Clear Bing AI Chat Search History in Windows 11 PC

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In tthis tutorial we will discover Best Way to Clear Bing AI Chat Search History in Windows 11 PC.

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Bing is a great search engine, but it can be frustrating at times. You may find yourself searching for something and not finding what you want, or worse, getting stuck in a loop of accidentally typing the same word over and over again. This article will show you how to clear Bing chat search history so it doesn’t happen again next time!

Bing AI Chatbot has two modes

Bing AI Chatbot has two modes: search and chat. When you search for something in the Bing search engine, Bing AI uses its own input to improve search results. These searches are regular searches that Bing saves in your search history.

In another mode, chat mode, you can talk to Bing AI and ask it questions. Unlike ChatGPT, your conversations with Bing are not saved now, nor can you access them later. Once a chat is cleared from the screen, there is no record of that conversation. So when you close the tab you’re talking to, the conversation will be deleted

The only history that remains is the search queries Bing AI searches for to answer your questions. You can see the queries in the chat as before it provides you with an answer, it displays what it is searching for to cater to your query.

If you still want to clear the conversation on the screen, you can click the ‘New Topic’ (broom) icon on the left of the textbox.

Bing also says that you can type ‘Delete History’ in the chat and Bing will clear only the current conversation. But between you and me, it doesn’t seem to work; maybe it was just one of Bing’s hallucinations when it told me that. You could try it for yourself.

Moreover, Microsoft has limited the user’s interactions with Bing AI in the chat mode to only 6 queries at a time. Although not everyone is happy about it, the move comes in the light of weird and sometimes unnerving responses Bing AI tends to generate if the conversation goes on for long. So, once 6 queries are up, you have to clear the chat anyway and start a new conversation with the chatbot.

If you were planning to use Bing AI Chat in private mode to prevent the hassle of clearing your search history, you’re out of luck. Bing Chat is not available in InPrivate browsing (incognito) mode. Since it is only available at present to users who have access after joining the waitlist and there’s no option to sign into your Microsoft account in private browsing, it doesn’t work.

How to Clear Search History

Now, clearing the search history for Bing AI is the same as clearing the search history for Bing. From the Bing homepage, click the ‘Settings and Quick Link’ option (hamburger menu option) from the top-right.

Then, click ‘Search History’ from the menu.

If you’re not signed into your personal Microsoft account, you need to sign in before you can view your Bing search history. Then, your search history will appear. To clear your entire search history, click the ‘Clear all’ button below ‘Manage or clear your search history’.

Note: If you’re signed into your Microsoft work or school account, you cannot delete your search history.

You can also delete individual queries by hovering on them and clicking the ‘Delete’ icon.

Alternatively, to clear more than one search query at a time, click the checkbox next to the ones you want to delete and click the ‘Clear’ button.

If you’re an avid Bing user, the chances are good that your search history contains some sensitive information. The company’s AI chat feature can easily make this happen if you haven’t taken steps to clear it. In this article, we’ll show you how to clear your Bing AI Chat Search History in Windows 11 PC.