You probably don’t know it, but I’m quite sensitive to the lack of light. I need it to be well lit, especially when I’m working or cooking, otherwise it makes me cringe.

So of course when I work in my office, I have the bulb in the ceiling which lights up a little, but it was not enough. Until BenQ sent me his ScreenBar Halo.

To introduce you to the thing, it is a bar of LEDs which is very simply positioned above the screen and which thus allows to light up my desk and my keyboard.

This completely replaces the good old desk lamp that has been sitting next to your screen for ages and that takes up a lot of space without really lighting up well. And again, that’s if you have a big desk.

Thus, without taking up any additional space except a USB port (or a USB socket), the BenQ ScreenBar Halo allows me to have sufficient indirect light to work on the screen in a good mood without damaging my eyes. or just read a document.

But it does not stop there since it is fully adjustable.

What is quite magical with this lamp is that you can adjust everything very finely. First of all, the LED bar is totally adjustable so that you can have maximum light on the desk (on average 500 Lux). Then, it comes with a wireless control module (Bluetooth) that you can put anywhere on the desk and that allows you to adjust different things.

First, the brightness. You press the little sun, then you turn the wheel and you can dim the light or put it on full power. Then, the small thermometer icon allows you to change the color temperature (the kelvins) to have a very warm, orange light, up to a very cold, very white light. And once your settings are done, you can bookmark them by keeping your finger pressed on the heart icon. So the next time you want to find the same settings, all you have to do is press the heart.

But the best is this automatic mode (button A) which also allows you to adjust the lighting according to the ambient light. Indeed, based on their technical studies, BenQ researchers have determined that the best visual comfort for most people is around 500 lux and 4000 K (kelvins). Thus, the integrated sensor makes it possible to automatically adjust the lighting so that it is best suited to the environment.

This ScreenBar Halo is called Halo because it is also equipped with a rear light that allows you to illuminate the wall behind your screen, to send you another much softer indirect light this time. See what suits you best.

In terms of quality, make no mistake about it, we are on top of the range with excellent materials (metal) and above all a battery of tests which prove that this Screenbar is resistant and designed to last, with more than 17 years of use. lighting planned for 8 hours per day.

And when it comes to light, you know, you shouldn’t joke, because the wrong light could really damage your eyes. In the case of this Screenbar Halo, all quality standards are met, including with regard to the famous blue light. And you won’t see any flickering, which in my case is nice when streaming.

BenQ tracks all the history of the design of this lamp hereand we understand that it is a jewel of technology that has been the subject of much research and that we are far from a simple traditional desk lamp brought up to date.

And if you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to put it on your screen, don’t panic, they’ve thought of everything. Indeed, its support allows it to fit on straight or curved screens (1000R-1800R) ranging from a thickness of 0.7 cm to 6 cm and curved screens, with a curvature of 1.6 to 4, 2cm. Suffice to say that you are quiet in most cases.

About me, I was a little afraid compared to my webcam which sits in the same place, but BenQ also markets a webcam support for its Halo lamp. In short, I haven’t had any big changes in my Twitch streamer setup.

On the other hand, I really gained in visual comfort. The lamp has also been designed not to cause any reflection on the screens, and I can confirm that this is correct. No glare, good lighting, and the automatic mode is clearly the one that suits me the most, since it adapts to the ambient light.

If you want to get this desk lamp of the future sold for €169, you can go by Amazon by clicking here.

But the best is still to go directly to the BenQ store since until September 30 with the promo code ” SCREENBAR10EN“, you will get 10% off the ScreenBar Halo, which is just over €152.

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