BeWidgets: create personalized widgets on the Windows 11 Desktop

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to create personalized widgets on the Windows 11 Desktop with “BeWidgets”.

As you may have noticed, Windows 11 includes a new widget panel. It is displayed in semi- transparency on the left side of the screen and shows the time, a search module, the weather, the stock market price, the latest sports results or the latest headlines from several media.

The problem is that you can’t display these widgets as thumbnails directly on the Windows 11 Desktop as it was the case in Windows 7. Fortunately, there is an application called BeWidgets that allows you to create and display widgets on the Windows 11 desktop.

Easy tutoriels
Easy tutoriels

Displaying custom widgets on the Windows 11 desktop

Widgets have both an aesthetic and a productive role. Indeed, you can configure them as you wish to beautify your Windows 11 desktop, but also to improve your productivity.

In Windows 11, the new widget panel can be accessed by clicking on the new taskbar icon or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows + W. The widget panel then opens as a pop-up window on the left side of the screen.

The Windows 11 widget panel consists of a series of small individual modules that you can customize as you see fit: size, layout, etc. However, since it is a separate panel, it will automatically close if you perform other tasks.

Moreover, the Windows 11 widget panel does not include any option to place them on the desktop. That’s where the free BeWidgets application comes in. With it, you can create your own widgets on Windows 11 and place them wherever you want on the desktop.

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At the time of writing, BeWidgets includes the following widgets: clock, current date, weather, photos, finance and shortcuts to the applications of your choice. However, note that the developer intends to improve his software in the future. Current projects include the addition of an RSS feed widget, a text widget, a music widget and a web search module.

Once the widget is created, the application offers you various settings to customize your widgets. For example, you can determine its size (height and width), background color, font, and many other elements.

BeWidgets is a free application available on the Microsoft Store. It is compatible with Windows 11, but also Windows 10 version 14393.0 or higher. Once launched, the application consumes an average of 150 MB of RAM, which is pretty decent.

How to use BeWidgets?

BeWidgets is very simple to use. The application has a modern interface and is very easy to use. To use BeWidgets, I invite you to follow these instructions:

  1. Start by downloading the BeWidgets application from the Microsoft Store (14.9 MB). To do so, click on the “Get” button.

2. Once installed, click on the “Open” button to launch it. Then, to create a new Windows 11 widget, click on the “New Widget” button.

3. Select the widget of your choice: time, date, photos, shortcut to an application, finance or weather.

4. If you want to customize the widget, click on the “Customize” button. A new window will open from which you can change the position of the widget on the Windows 11 desktop. You will also find many other options such as the possibility to lock the widget, change the background color, the font, etc.

✅ And this is the result! Of course, this is just an example. You can customize your widgets as you like.

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