Brevy : How to collaborate remotely on the same website and to obtain feedback

When launching a new product or redesigning a platform, it is essential to collect feedback from your employees. To do this, we tend to send them screenshots by email, Slack or Teams. This is absolutely not practical and makes the exchanges complex.

Brevy is one of the free tools that aims to deal with this problem. It transforms the website into a real workspace, where everyone can comment on the work in progress from the platform.

A useful tool when creating a new product

Brevy only takes a few minutes to install. A quick registration is first necessary, during which you create a workspace that will be shared with your entire team. You must then download the extension and activate it on the site you want to register.

brevy platform illustration

Comments can be made directly on the platform. Illustration: Brevy.

brevy platform illustration

The extension has many integrations. Illustration: Brevy.

Let’s say that the company is working on the launch of a new platform and that we notice a bug. Just click on the Brevy camera icon to make a recording of the malfunction in question. It can last up to five minutes and be automatically transcribed by the tool.

You can then add annotations at a specific location by clicking on the “Pin” icon. The tool also offers the possibility of adding comments in order to be more explicit. Thanks to the multiple integrations offered, they can be shared in Slack, Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Zapier and Linear. Github is also supported, as a development console accompanies the records.

The video is published in the “Team” tab so that other collaborators can see it, or it must be shared on one of the applications mentioned. In the same way as on Google Docs or Figma, they can in turn add remarks on elements to be modified or comments directly in the workspace. This avoids unnecessary e-mail exchanges in which one tries to explain aspects that need to be improved.

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To better navigate, it is possible to create different folders: one for product 1, another for product 2, another for a future solution… Note that some videos can be put in favorites or archived directly from the platform. Each user also has a personal space.

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