Cadmus – To remove background noise under Linux

There are many tools like Krisp, Utterly under macOS or RTX Voice under Windows which allow you to remove background noise from real-time recording. And it’s very cool, because it allows during your streams or your Zoom conferences, to eliminate very annoying noises such as traffic noise, fan noise, the sound of your keyboard keys, etc.

There are also tools under Linux like NoiseTorch which allow you to do this but if you don’t like this one, there is also Cadmus !

This free tool under Linux, a little older, was designed to remove background noise during Discord, Zoom, Skype calls, etc. without having to manipulate the command line. It’s actually a GUI on top of PulseAudio’s noise removal plugin.

Once installed, Cadmus adds an icon to the menu bar, which lets you easily select a microphone as the source, and then creates a PulseAudio output that removes all recorded background noise.

To install it on Debian/Ubuntu you can rget the .deb here and an AppImage format is also available for those who want.

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