Shadow, the French cloud gaming platform launched in 2015, has announced a major relaunch of its service which will take place next month.

The company, which was acquired by OVHcloud founder Octave Klaba in May 2021, has revealed that a “Shadow Spotlight” keynote will unveil its plans and ” strategic vision for the years to come “. Additionally, she will ” keep the promises made to her community ,” according to her latest press release announcing the event, which will take place on May 18.

You can follow the event and the description of the innovations promised by Shadow, from 5 p.m. (French time) on the YouTube and Twitch channels of the service. Twitter should also be there.

What’s hiding in the shadows?

Shadow’s strength is, of course, the fact that you’re getting what is essentially a remote gaming PC setup, not just a streaming service giving access to a catalog of specific games or apps. In other words, you can use this Windows 10 virtual PC to do whatever you want. Even upgrade it to Windows 11 , although Microsoft’s latest OS is still not officially supported on a Shadow PC install.

We can’t speculate on upcoming changes – perhaps Windows 11 support, for example – because the information provided by this first teaser remains rather limited (which is the whole point of a teaser) . The press release mentions updates that will primarily benefit creatives and business users, which would suggest the rollout of new targeted subscription plans – for those two audiences at least.

The document also mentions an evolution of the service, to become more ” accessible and affordable “. Which can only be a good thing. Better stability is promised, leaving us to consider supporting higher specs.

The Shadow PC’s current GPU, equivalent to the GTX 1080, doesn’t seem exactly ideal for supporting the most demanding contemporary games. Note that rival Nvidia GeForce Now now offers a virtual configuration carried by the RTX 3080 GPU .

Either way, we’ll find out soon enough. And we can’t wait to see how Shadow revamps its cloud gaming offering to better tackle installed gaming rigs like GeForce Now.(mentioned above) or Google Stadia.

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