Carbonyl Browser Review: An Impressive New Addition to the Terminal Browsing Landscape

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Are you tired of heavy, bulky browsers that hog all your bandwidth and slow down your computer even more? Are you unable to install or use a browser on your computer because your system administrator won’t allow it? Does your only window to the world consist of a dark terminal?

Well, have no fear, because Carbonyl is here! It’s a Chromium-based browser designed to run in a terminal. That’s right, you can browse the web using a browser in a terminal!

But don’t worry, this isn’t like Lynx or other text-based browsers. Carbonyl allows you to browse the web, watch videos, and even execute code securely thanks to its REST communication protocol and encryption via HTTPS.

In addition to being fast, Carbonyl is also lightweight and doesn’t require a window manager such as Server X. It can even be used over SSH and supports all web APIs, including WebGL, WebGPU, audio and video playback, animations, and more.

Carbonyl also features a terminal-optimized layout, sub-second startup speed, a 60 FPS frame rate, and zero CPU usage when not in use (unlike Chrome or Firefox).

Carbonyl is compatible with Linux, MacOS, and Windows, and requires the same dependencies as Chromium for Linux users. MacOS and Windows users can download pre-compiled versions from the Carbonyl Github page.

If you’re a Linux user, you can also install Carbonyl using npm by following these steps:

npm install --global carbonyl

Or directly via Docker:

docker run --rm -ti fathyb/carbonyl

Unlike some modern web standards, Carbonyl doesn’t rely on JavaScript or WebAssembly functions, making it clearly superior in this regard.

Even Browsh, which I mentioned earlier, works in headless mode and uses custom styles for its layout, making it slightly less lightweight and fast than Carbonyl.

Carbonyl’s only limitation is that it doesn’t support full-screen mode, but that shouldn’t be a significant hindrance.

In summary, if you’re looking to browse the web without leaving your terminal, Carbonyl is the perfect tool for you.

Heather R Kent

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