CasaOS – Personal cloud thanks to Docker (x86 / Raspberry Pi)

CasaOS ,is an open source software that offers you to create your cloud at home.

Thus, you can replace Dropbox, eBay, Google Drive or even Netflix with Syncthing, Bazaar, Nextcloud or even Plex very easily, without having to type a single command line. As you will have understood, the idea is precisely to do without the cloud to host your content again at home using applications that have proven themselves (I have presented most of them on this site). ‘somewhere else).

With CasaOS, you will be able to manage all your data and your uses from your computer or your smartphone and in the long term, the still a little young tool, will also allow you to manage your home automation scenarios, store videos from your surveillance cameras or retrieve info from a bunch of IoT hardware.

CasaOS runs on Linux, but has mostly been tested on Ubuntu, but also Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye, which is good news if you have a Raspberry Pi.

To install it, just enter the following command in your terminal:

curl -fsSL | bash

If you are interested, a demo is available here (password: casaos).

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