Clean Insights – Ethically collect data on your users

When we create a website or a mobile application, we need data… And yes, we need to be able to collect some data to understand how our customers and our users behave on it.

Only, here it is, it’s not easy to do it yourself so most developers turn to commercial solutions that happily exploit the personal data of users.

However, if you are a dev with a little ethics, it is possible to implement Clean Insights which offers SDKs and tools based on Matomo to have anonymized and secure data.

This will allow you to measure and know the usage habits of your service or application without, however, setting up invasive monitoring of your users. Clean Insights collects the minimum amount of information, with the lowest possible frequency and by diluting it as much as possible. This means that rather than collecting the city of the user, we will simply collect his region.

The link between the data and the individual is also broken as soon as it is collected by adding noise. Thus, individuals cannot be linked to information collected after the fact.

Obviously, everything is transparent in their initiative and the project is seriously supported by The Guardian Project. This is also the analysis system used by F-Droid and Mailvelope .

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