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The interface of Twitter has become cluttered with many unnecessary elements, despite its beautiful blue theme. Fortunately, there’s a handy extension called Minimal Twitter, available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, which can help you say goodbye to all the clutter and restore a clean and streamlined Twitter experience.

This extension takes care of everything for you by removing all the unnecessary and annoying features while adding some pretty cool ones. You can hide view counts, remove the “For You” tab, hide the trends sidebar, customize the timeline width, remove borders for a minimalist look, and even customize the left navigation bar or remove suggested tweets that you find bothersome.

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In addition, the Minimal Twitter extension provides the option to eliminate advertisements and suggested accounts to follow, and it also enables you to hide the search bar. You have the flexibility to choose which features to keep and which ones to eliminate. For those who enjoy tweaking their interface, you can even modify the CSS to integrate your own unique elements.

Moreover, Minimal Twitter offers a “Writer” mode that allows you to write tweets in a distraction-free environment. This mode hides the entire Twitter interface except for the tweet composition field, making it a convenient way to write tweets in a more focused and calm manner.

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The extension also allows you to prepare drafts and schedule them to be sent later at a time of your choice.

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The extension is available for free, but some features are paid starting at 8.67 USD per month. Here’s the list:

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In my opinion, Minimal Twitter offers significantly more value than Twitter Blue. If you plan on spending a small budget on Twitter this year, I would recommend considering this extension as a viable option.

Check it out here!

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