Collective Intelligence to Fight Harassment on Twitch

Collective Intelligence to Fight Harassment on Twitch

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You may not know it, but I’ve been on Twitch for almost 3 years now, sharing my workdays and sometimes my logging activities. It’s important to know that Twitch is very popular and where there are many people, there are also many jerks. So, as with all platforms of this type, unfortunately, harassment, sexism, and misogyny are commonplace.

To respond to this problem, a new French project called “Place de la Paix” (PDP) was created by the streamer Billy.

PDP is based on a resource that is still too little used on Twitch (lol): collective intelligence. The goal is for the actions of each moderator to help the entire PDP network and thus contribute to the fight against the harassment suffered by streamers.

To join the PDP network, simply register on the “Place de la Paix website“. Then add the PDP_Bot to your Twitch channel by typing this in the chat:

/mod PDP_Bot

This bot will then monitor the discussions in your channel’s chat and allow moderators to report malicious users by simply typing “@PDP_Bot @username”.

As soon as a malicious user identified speaks in a monitored chat on another Twitch channel, they will be put on hold for a period of 24 hours, waiting for moderator action. If the malice is confirmed, the user will be immediately permanently banned on all PDP network channels where they attempt to participate.

The project is still in development, and a Discord server will soon be set up to refine the tool, but I think it’s a great initiative to combat harassment and misogyny on Twitch and ensure the safety and serenity of streamers and other normal Twitch users.

Anyway, on my stream, although it’s pretty quiet in terms of harassment and misogyny because you are well-behaved and intelligent, I still joined the PDP network to participate in this great project on my modest scale.

Well done Billy!”