Convertio: a free online file converter

Do you urgently need a free file converter that meets all your needs? We have found the tool that could make you happy. Her name ? Convertio .

Convertio is a free online tool that allows you to convert your files online for free . Have you ever found yourself with a file or document to convert but no software wanted to save you the day? This kind of problem will no longer occur to you thanks to Convertio. Let’s find out in more detail what this tool is all about.

An ultimate, generalist and essential tool for converting files

If you’ve tried converting files in the past, you know that not all tools are created equal, and most just waste your precious time. is not like these tools. This is a very easy-to-use online converter tool that supports all types of formats. In all, if you want an exact figure, this software can handle 300 different file formats.

Whether you need to convert audio, video, documents, e-books, images, spreadsheets, PDFs or anything else, Convertio is the tool you should be using. In addition to being free, the use of this software also requires no registration and no recording of personal information.

It can help you convert about ten files a day for free provided you do not exceed 100 MB. You just have to select the file to convert and drop it on the page then choose the format you need . In less than two minutes, you will have your file in the desired format.

A free tool up to a certain limit

Note however that the use of Convertio remains free if you do not exceed 10 files per 24 hours, for a maximum size of 100 MB. If you wish to convert more files to larger sizes, you can subscribe to paid subscriptions on the site.

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In addition, another strong point of Convertio is the confidentiality of your data. This is because the tool automatically deletes downloaded and converted files after 24 hours and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Last point, you can use Convertio on any device, even on your smartphone and you can convert files that are on your computer as well as those that are stored in the Cloud via Google Drive or Dropbox. Convertio is thus a true Swiss army knife of file conversion!

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