If you are Linuxian and like audiobooks, I have a great little app to recommend. This is Cozy, a player dedicated to audiobooks that brings a lot of comfort.

Already, at the presentation level, you will see all your audio books classified by author, name or date added. Cozy supports many DRM-free formats (MP3, M4a… etc).


Then, at the reading level, to read your book faster, but above all, you can set a timer to stop reading after X minutes or at the end of a chapter. Practice not to get caught up in a never-ending story. But above all, if it is the evening before you fall asleep, you can also schedule your PC to go to sleep or shut down.

An offline mode also allows you to keep a copy of the current audio book, which is useful if you store your books on a network drive (like your NAS).

On the other hand, too bad, there was a version for macOS but it is not kept up to date for lack of means. So if you have skills on macOS, contact the cozy project leaders to propose a version for Apple computers.

Cozy is available on a bunch of Linux distro here and you can also install it directly through Flathub .

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