Create a dynamic email signature with WiseStamp

-mail such as  Gmail ,  Hotmail ,  Thunderbird  or  Outlook  offer, by default, the editing and setting up of signatures at the end of each e-mail. However, the customization of these is relatively limited and lacks a bit of automation. This is why today I invite you to discover a superb online service called  WiseStamp .

Create a dynamic email signature with WiseStamp

Create an email signature for free with WiseStamp

WiseStamp  makes it easy and quick to create and personalize dynamic signatures. Indeed, thanks to it, you will now have the possibility to add in each of your e-mails, your last announcement on Ebay, the last article published on your blog thanks to your RSS feed, your last Tweet and many others things again, all automatically.

You will also have the possibility of inserting pretty little icons redirecting to your profiles on the social networks of your choice such as  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  LinkedIn ,  Google+ , etc… You will be able to modify the formatting of your signature using text in bold, italic, underline and the insertion of your logo.

WiseStamp also has an HTML editor with which you can fully customize your signature. You will have a gallery of examples in which inspiration will be there and you will even be able to use several different signatures thanks to the management of profiles like “  Professional  ” and “  Personal  ”.

Available as an extension for Chrome ,  Firefox , Safari  and  Thunderbird , this service works with Gmail, Google App, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL clients and more.

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