Create a map of the countries you have visited

Notice to globetrotters! How about create a personalized map of the countries you have already visited ? This is exactly what offers you How Much World, a brand new online tool specially designed for travel lovers. We tell you everything!

Convenient and completely free

How Much World therefore offers you to create maps where you can highlight the countries you have already visited by marking them with a color. The web tool and its handy features are available for free, no matter how many maps you plan to create. So you can use How Much World as many times as you want.

The tool then allows you to download your map in PNG format. You can also share it directly on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Create your map of the countries you have visited in just a few clicks!

To use How Much World, you won’t need to register on the site or download an app. The tool is only available on a web browser, at the address where a map of the world awaits you. Then, on the left of the page is the name of all the countries in the world, sorted by region and in alphabetical order. You just click on the name of the country you are interested in to mark it with another color. And if you know its location on the map, you can directly click on it.

Otherwise, it is possible to change the shades of the map by clicking on the color palette icon which is located in the upper right corner of the interface. Once your map is ready, you click on the download icon or on the Facebook, Twitter and other buttons.

More features to come

How Much World is still in its infancy. The developer wants to add many other features to make it an essential tool for globetrotters. In particular, it plans to integrate a zoom + and – mode, but also a counter to see how many other countries are still waiting for you to visit… In the meantime, beautiful colorful maps are just waiting to be created on the site! Feel free to share yours in the comments 😎

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