Do you want to create an avatar for free that looks like you? You are in the right place ! Avatars are very popular with users. There are currently many applications that you can use to create an avatar of your image . To help you choose, we have made a selection of the best free avatar generators that exist online. The first is called Avataaars generator. The second is revealed under the name of Personas. We tell you more in the rest of this article!

Generate a free avatar with Avataaars generator and Personas

If you are looking for free and easy to use online apps to create your avatar, go for Avataaars generator or Personas . These services are known to have a very intuitive interface. However, a brief introduction is in order.

Avataaars generator is an online avatar generator that allows those who wish to create avatars for free . We owe this application to Fang-Pen Lin. Personas works on the same principle, but offers a more colorful interface.

Let your creativity run wild

Avataaars generator and Personas have many things in common. To start, they provide you with a “Random” button. You can use this if you have no idea what style of avatar you want. By clicking on it, the service will offer you all kinds of randomly generated avatars, until you find the one you like.

You can also have fun creating different combinations from the options offered by Avataaars generator and Personas. It is possible to choose the skin color, the length as well as the color of his hair but also his morphology and his outfit. You can also define the color of his eyes as well as the shape of his mouth and nose.

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Once you’ve finished setting your avatar’s settings, you’ll be able to upload it. The advantage with Avataaars generator and Personas is that they give you unlimited access to their service. This means you can create as many avatars as you want.

And if you are looking to create an avatar with a minimalist design , I invite you to take a look at this site .

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