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A neglected website design can literally scare people away. Whether for conversion or SEO, web design is a problem for any webmaster. To capture the attention of your visitors, you must present them with modern and dynamic web pages. Gone are the days of 2D illustrations and static blocks! To improve the impact of your visuals, you need to put things into perspective (in the real sense of the word). This is the whole point of the graphic editor slowt.

Create 3D visuals with

Slantt is an image editor developed by Dave Gill, whose primary purpose is to create isometric images (perspective views) from 2-dimensional images. For example, you can take several screenshots of your website, put them in isometric view and then arrange them in a mosaic. It is a simple and free tool allowing to obtain modern visuals, usable to promote a site, a project, or an application on social networks, by e-mail, etc.

The operation of this online tool could not be simpler. Just open the image editor to start designing your visuals. You can then upload the images of your choice to put them into perspective. Slantt allows working with images in 4K resolution and the number of possible exports is unlimited. You can export your creations in JPEG, PNG or WebP format (the best format for natural referencing).

Create professional isometric illustrations!

The image editor offered by Slantt is particularly pleasant to use, as it is very intuitive. You will first be able to select the background of your illustration following 3 options:

  1. Solid color
  2. Degraded
  3. Image of your choice

You can then put the selected images in perspective and play with the following parameters: the thickness, the height, the rounding of the edges and the spacing of each image in relation to the others. You will quickly get an idea of ​​the usefulness of these parameters by varying the different sliders. The tool also gives you the possibility to add text, but this functionality is very basic (impossible to choose the font or the color of the text). However, updates are planned to add additional functionality to the editor.

So see you on and start creating unique 3D visuals! This tool is one of the little nuggets of the Net that any budding webmaster should know. If you know of other practical tools likely to be of interest to web artisans, feel free to present them in the comments.

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