Create deepfakes with Deep Word for free

First of all, what is a deepfake ? The term deepfake is generally used to refer to a dummy video , created using artificial intelligence to replace the person in the original video with someone else . The goal is to make people believe that the fake video is authentic and that it is the digitally added person who is speaking.

The technology behind deepfake is getting more and more powerful. And that is a problem, because we can now make anyone (especially a public figure) say anything. Although it gives chills when you think of all that is possible with this kind of technology, you still have to admit that it is stunning.

Who wouldn’t love to create a deepfake just for fun? Well if you feel like trying to create a deepfake to prank your friends, know that an online tool exists and it will be very useful to you. We are talking about Deep Word , an online tool to create deepfakes  in a few clicks.

Create your own deepfake with Deep Word

Deep Word is an online tool to create dummy videos in minutes. To do this, you will need a source video file and a source audio file. In the video clip, the person in front of the deepfake must be clearly visible. The audio source must be of optimal quality, but can be in any language. A sound interfered by noise will therefore not be usable. If you don’t have a source file, Deep Word has a collection of usable videos and audios.

With Deep Word, you also have the ability to create audio by turning written script into sound, thanks to its built-in text-to-speech functionality. You will then be free to give a female or male voice to the star of your deepfake.

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When your source files are ready, Deep Word will sync them automatically. The jaws and lips of the star of the deepfake, will therefore be in harmony with the words that we make him say. Editing the video can take up to 15 minutes. You can then save it to your device and show it to your friends.

The free version of Deep Word is however limited. It requires high-quality source files and you can’t create more than 5 1-minute videos per month (in 720p). To take advantage of all the features of Deep Word, you will need to subscribe to a monthly subscription of at least $14.99.

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