To publicize their activity and communicate information to their audience, marketers and communicators must regularly create content to publish on social networks. Finding an original idea, writing the right description, choosing the right image… So many essential steps in the creation of a publication, but which sometimes take a lot of time.

To facilitate this task without losing performance, there is This tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) offers many personalized posts to publish on social networks.

Lots of post ideas is a platform that generates posts from a single sentence describing your business. In just a few seconds, the tool then offers various ideas for personalized posts, captions or hashtags. By filling in your company colors, the AI ​​also suggests post designs that match your brand identity. Will be offered several models, texts, images, the most harmonious colors, and the most appropriate font. It is always possible to modify certain elements which would not be to your liking.

Once ready, the publication can be published directly from using SocialBee, Publer, Socialmonials or Metricool.

Each content is optimized to the maximum.’s algorithms explore social networks to find out in real time the most popular hashtags related to your publication and your audience. This ensures that your post will consistently appear in the right places. The software also recommends suitable images for your selected post ideas from Unsplash and Pexels.

For each post, the tool will analyze the content, hashtags, mentions, images, time/day of posting, and deliver a post-engagement prediction. This will allow you to know the points to improve to position yourself against the competition. For this, offers the possibility to have an overview of the best and worst performing content of your competitors. This is particularly useful for fine-tuning your content strategy more easily.

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At the moment, it is possible to take advantage of these features for 69 dollars instead of 468 dollars. By taking advantage of this offer, we make sure to create impactful content no matter what!

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