Create window clones with OnTopReplica

OnTopReplica is an open source program available for Windows that allows you to clone a window or a place in a window to always keep an eye on it . You didn’t understand anything? Wait, let me give you an example.

Imagine that you are in my place writing this article, but unfortunately for you, there is a new episode of “Money Drop” on TF1 and you don’t want to miss it. Oh, it’s bad luck, huh?! Well know that thanks to OnTopReplica, you will be able to both write your article and watch television. Not bad, is it?

Well, of course, this is one example among many others, but roughly speaking, you can display what you want in a corner of your screen (football match, YouTube video, etc.) while doing something else. Like this, look!

OnTopReplica, how does it work?

1. Start by downloading OnTopReplica from the GitHub platform , then open the program.

2. A white window will then appear. Right – click in the main program area, select Select Windows  from the context menu, then choose the window you want to feature on your screen.

3. Still by right-clicking in the main area of ​​the program, you will have access to several interesting options such as selecting a region, adjusting the opacity of the window, locking the window in a specific place, resizing the window, etc.

Enjoy ????

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