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I experimented with English and German throughout my schooling and the only teacher who really made me want to learn English was the one I had at the end of my studies, in BTS. He clearly reconciled me with the material.

But I know deep down that we are all somewhat in the same situation here in France. We sometimes had teachers who disgusted us or who were a little useless, we almost never have the opportunity to practice English unless we travel a lot and when we finally get started, the other French people who don’t know speak English don’t care about our accent.

In short, it’s not crazy and therefore we need automatic translators. That’s good, here’s one called Crow Translate that will please people on Linux and Windows. Crow Translate is therefore a simple and lightweight translation tool that was written in C++ / Qt and is able to translate and pronounce text.

To achieve this feat, it uses the APIs of Google, Yandex, Bing, LibreTranslate and Lingva translate, which allows it to offer 125 different languages ​​as well as text2speech. And those who wish can also use it from the command line.

To install it on Windows, you can download the .exe here or run the following scoop command:

sudo scoop install crow-translate -g

And for Linux users under Debian-like:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonmagon/crow-translate
sudo apt update
sudo apt install crow-translate

You can find more info about Crow Translate here.

Thanks to Lorenper for sharing

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