CryptoBuster: lightweight and effective anti-ransomware software

In the 21st century, the world is experiencing major digital advances. At the same time, computer security has become an extremely important issue for all organizations. Computer media are the target of multiple malicious attacks, including ransomware . Fortunately, with anti-ransomware software like CryptoBuster , it is possible to remedy this evil. In this file, we present this software to you.

Lightweight anti-ransomware software

Originally created by Smart PC Utilities, CryptoBuster is a program with the sole purpose of fighting ransomware . In case you didn’t know, these malicious tools are among the top five cybersecurity threats in 2022. The data saved on computers both for personal and professional use are constantly plagued by these viruses.

CryptoBuster is an anti-ransomware solution with a small system footprint. The program is light, as evidenced by the size of the most recent installation package which is around 14 MB. The software takes up a tiny part of your internal storage space. A big plus for users looking for a simple and lightweight anti-ransomware tool . Especially since some programs available for similar purposes weigh 100 times more than CryptoBuster.


An unfailing complementarity

Computers using a Windows operating system are mostly equipped with Windows Defender . It is a malicious tool removal tool. However, it is clear that some users have resorted to third-party security software because they are much more efficient. Their effectiveness against ransomware may be limited. This is where CryptoBuster really comes into its own.

As we mentioned first, this anti-malware software has a small footprint. Thus, this solution will work perfectly alongside your existing security program. Two security products working simultaneously to give your IT support a double curtain of defense against ransomware. Your valuable data therefore enjoys maximum protection.

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Efficiency: CryptoBuster’s leitmotif

What’s the point of using anti-ransomware software if it can’t detect a malicious program trying to encrypt your data? Now, suppose the software detects the malware, but is limited in protective actions? We come back to the same thing.

To this end, CryptoBuster stands out in many respects with its technique called ” honeypots “. This technique consists of trapping the ransomware by attracting it to decoy files , the famous honeypots. From then on, CryptoBuster continuously analyzes and monitors the behavior of honeypots. This way, if any ransomware attempts to encrypt one of the honeypots, CryptoBuster will be alerted and stop the ransomware immediately.

Thanks to this technique, CryptoBuster generates very few false positives. Honeypots are deployed by the hundreds in strategic locations on your system. The software takes care of this deployment itself. However, the user also has full control over this process. He can thus manually customize the names and locations of the honeypots. To do this, the software comes with a full range of tools and settings. Installing and getting started with CryptoBuster is incredibly simple.

If you are interested in this anti-ransomware software, know that the price of a license for one year will cost you 23,01 USD. CryptoBuster is software compatible with Windows 10 (2004 and later) and Windows 11 (v10.0.22000 and later).

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