Customer support: How to choose the best helpdesk tool for your company

Large or small business, having responsive customer service that is able to respond to requests as quickly as possible is essential. This is where the intervention of an IT helpdesk becomes irreversible, but how to choose the perfect tool for your company? We open the file!

Know your budget

Having a concrete idea of ​​your budget for setting up an  IT helpdesk in order to guarantee the quality of customer support is an essential point that should not be overlooked. Being a start-up is no reason to skimp on a great customer support solution.

Although the telephone and e-mail address are thus fast customer support channels, they do not offer practicality, nor any other effective management system such as the ticketing tool or the collection and sharing of data for effective monitoring. of the quality of service.

To define the cost of installing this tool, consider establishing a metric (also called total cost per ticket or total cost per incident) that is characterized by each of your expenses for each customer call. It is the quotient of the helpdesk operating expenses and the total volume of tickets during a given period.

Added to this are the operating costs, including the fees for the personnel required for the implementation, the installation costs and the price of the software and the communication channels used. It is once the total sum available that you can seek the best solution that corresponds to your finances.

Reports and analysis functions

Once you have a clear idea of ​​the budget, think about the functions of your customer support software whose performance monitoring remains essential. A good tool will allow you to closely monitor the activity of each agent with the aim of constantly improving the service: tasks performed, tickets assigned, number of connections, average call duration or the average customer satisfaction rate per agent. …

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All of this data makes it possible to carry out an in-depth analysis of performance in order to make the changes required at the level of the support teams to offer a more than satisfactory helpdesk. This step will allow you to empower agents to be there for customers in the right way and at the right time.

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