Diapazone: the solution for more efficient meetings without wasting time

Employees spend an average of 8 hours in meetings each week. With the emergence of teleworking, the number of meetings has increased further. But without the right tools, they are often poorly prepared, too long, and not effective enough. Diapazone is the solution designed by Jamespot for controlled internal meetings with real added value. The promise ? A real time saver, from preparation to reporting. Presentation of the solution.

Create and prepare for (really) effective internal meetings

Diapazone is a solution for creating and leading meetings that is intended exclusively for internal use: daily, weekly meetings, kick off, brainstorming…. These meetings concern 50% of those held in companies, and if they are not optimized, they therefore represent a potential waste of time.


Diapazone allows you to create your meeting in a few clicks. Simply choose one or more groups (one or more departments or teams), a start date, and all invitees receive an invitation notification.

The meeting organizer can then add different elements: a description, an agenda, etc. The latter is organized into several sections, each time with the possibility of adding a timebox which will limit the time for each part. All these elements configured before meetings make it possible to set specific objectives, and not to get lost on useless subjects. With timeboxes, it is possible to avoid endless monologues and debates, once the time is up, and move on to the next topic. A very useful tool for meetings that are finally framed!


Essential tools to animate your meetings

Diapazone makes it possible to create collaborative and immersive meetings, whether face-to-face, remote, or in “hybrid” mode. So that all participants can communicate directly with each other, the application provides them with a videoconference tool as well as a real-time chat.

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But above all, you will have access to a complete suite of tools during your meetings to stop wasting time unnecessarily.


The main strength of Jamespot is to bring participants together around the right documents. During any meeting, you can have access to the document bank already available on Jamespot, add a document from your computer, or create it directly on the tool (spreadsheet, slides, text, etc.). You can for example share an important document to make a proofreading with several people. It is also possible to block access to the document before the right time to avoid the dispersion of participants.

Another classic point in a meeting, the “I don’t have the link”. In your Diapazone meetings, you can simply add a prominent link in the middle of the page in a big CTA. And to stay organized and have an analytical view of projects, Diapazone allows you to create and enrich Kanban boards during the meeting. Very practical for structuring the actions to be taken and those decided during the exchanges.

Participate in real time


Diapazone also offers several “flash widgets” tools to create real-time animations and enrich meeting content:

  • Surveys to find out the opinion of participants.
  • The checklist to create a to-do-list during the meeting (and to have it available at the end of the meeting).
  • The attendance management tool to know who will be available for the next point.
  • A chat to ask questions, all the data of which is automatically included in the report.
  • Countdowns that show participants that something in the meeting is coming to an end.
  • Live reactions on the same model as Facebook or Teams reactions.
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These various widgets integrated into Diapazone obviously make it possible to liven up and “gamify” the meetings, but above all they allow you to stay focused on the important elements, and not waste time.

Automatically generated and exportable reports

A meeting without a CR is generally a meeting that is useless and will not be followed by concrete actions. The big advantage of Diapazone is that part of the CR is generated automatically: duration of the meeting, agenda, shared documents, list of participants, poll results, chat content…


The report is accessible in real time and to all participants who can therefore modify it. As soon as the meeting is closed, all participants receive the CR, and they are all centralized on Jamespot (no need to send them by email). If you are absent, you will therefore be able to access important information from the meeting without having to wait for a hypothetical CR written late, or which will never be sent.

A very well designed and affordable solution

Diapazone is really a very well thought out solution. All features are made to save time and make meetings more efficient. We particularly appreciate the “timebox” tool which allows meetings to be segmented, and not to overflow on certain subjects. Ditto for the automatic minutes which are a real time saver, and avoid meetings which are not followed by actions. Fully integrated into the Jamespot ecosystem, Diapazone can be handled in just a few clicks, and provides all the keys to meetings that are better prepared, better animated, and therefore more productive.

In terms of pricing, as always Jamespot makes it “simple” with a single price: €4 per user and per month for all of Diapazone and all the integrated tools.

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To learn more about the solution, and get an idea of ​​its usefulness, do not hesitate to request a free demonstration. link

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