Disable Web Notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari

Are you tired of being constantly annoyed by the notifications you receive in your web browser? You are in the right place ! In this article, we will see together how to disable web notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari . Follow the leader !

  1. What are web notifications?
  2. Why disable web notifications?
  3. How to turn off web notifications
    1. Chrome
    2. Firefox
    3. Edge
    4. Safari

What are web notifications?

Notifications are a way for websites to send updates to users without needing to keep the website open. This can be useful for notifying users of new content or an important website update that they should be aware of.

Web notifications can also be used as an advertising tool. By encouraging users to turn on notifications for a website, businesses can increase the chances that people will see their latest promotions or offers.

In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, notifications may appear as banners at the top of the screen or small icons in the corner of the screen.

Why disable web notifications?

There are several reasons why you might want to turn off web notifications . This may be for privacy reasons so that websites no longer track your activity or simply to stop being constantly interrupted by alerts.

Whatever the reason, turning off notifications can be an easy way to improve your browsing experience and protect your privacy.

How to turn off web notifications

To disable notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari web browsers, just follow these steps:


1. Begin by opening the Google Chrome browser .

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2. In the upper right corner, click on the menu with the three vertical dots , then on ” Settings “.

3. From the Google Chrome settings, click on “ Privacy and security ”, then on “ Sites settings ”.

4. Next, under the “ Permissions ” section, click on “ Notifications ”.

5. Finally, check the box ” Do not allow sites to send notifications ” or choose specific sites from which you do not want to receive notifications. Changes will be immediately taken into account.

Disable Web Notifications in Chrome


1. At first, open Mozilla Firefox browser .

2. Then click on the application menu (the three horizontal bars) located at the top right of the window, then on “ Settings ”.

3. From Firefox settings, click on “ Privacy and security ”, then scroll down until you see the “ Permissions ” section.

4. From there, click on the “ Setting ” button next to “ Notifications ”.

5. Finally, choose the websites allowed to send you notifications and/or check the box ” Block new requests to activate notifications “.

Disable Web Notifications in Firefox


1. Open Microsoft Edge browser .

2. Click on the menu with the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner, then on ” Settings “.

3. Next, in the left pane, click on “ Cookies and site permissions ”.

4. On the right side, under the ” All permissions ” section, click on ” Notifications “.

5.  Finally, to completely disable notifications in the Edge browser, turn off the switch next to ”  Ask me before sending “. Note that you can also allow certain websites to send you notifications.

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Disable Web Notifications in Edge


1. Launch Safari browser .

2. From the menu bar, click on “ Safari ”, then on “ Preferences ”.

3. Then click on “ Websites ”, then on “ Notifications ”.

4. Finally, uncheck the box “ Allow websites to ask if they can send notifications ”.

Disable Web Notifications in Safari

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