On a daily basis, icons are essential for marketing and communication professionals as well as graphic designers. They are particularly useful because they make it possible to reinforce a message without having to describe anything, and are understandable by all.

However, it is not always easy to find the icon that perfectly expresses our idea, especially when looking for a free one. For this reason, Iconshock, the specialist in iconography, has created FreeIcons , a set of icons available in open-source.

100,000 customizable icons

Whether for social networks or for a marketing project, it is impossible not to find the desired icon on FreeIcons. The latter offers more than 100,000 icons completely free. They can be used by everyone because they have been published under the Apache-2.0, MIT and SIL OFL 1.1 licenses. They are therefore free to use and can be downloaded, used, shared and modified. In a few clicks, they improve the understanding of a text, a site or an application.

To find the perfect icon, you can explore FreeIcons ‘ seventy icon collections or use the search bar. When you have your hands on the ideal icon, it is possible to download it in four different sizes according to your needs: 32 px, 50 px, 72 px and 128 px.

FreeIcons also offers the possibility to customize it by choosing from the nine colors offered, ranging from red to lilac. This way you can adapt it to your brand identity or the color range of your project. Once you have made all the necessary changes, three download formats are available: SVG, PNG or WebP.

To take full advantage of the tool, it is also possible to register. Once done, you can create icon collections to find your way around more easily. A feature that is very popular with FreeIcons users, as it can be useful if you are on several projects at the same time.

In case you need even more resources, just join the premium version. It will give you access to 2 million icons to enhance your social network accounts, your site or your documents.

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