In a project, video, photo, brochures or even a website, it is common to use icons and illustrations. The resources by offering are now numerous, with sometimes free content, others paying…

Iconduck is a collection of 146 sets of open source icons and illustrations. Its creator, Oliver Nassar, is developing this project alongside his companies, Stencil and Zenlogin. He explains “find open source icons, artwork, and emojis, import them into Iconduck, and make them searchable and easy to download.” Nothing’s easier !

Use for any project

iconduck example cookie

He adds ” I found that ‘non-developers’ who didn’t know about GitHub didn’t know that there were over 100,000 open source design resources available for personal and commercial projects. So I thought I’d bring them together on one site and add a new open source game set every week. ”

Once on Iconduck, it is possible to scroll through the previews of the different sets or to search directly via the search bar.

There are sets with flags, others with emojis, some with payment icons, some dedicated to COVID… When a set is popular, just click on it to see it in its entirety and download an icon in SVG format, for free!

Icons and illustrations can be used for personal and commercial purposes. For each set, the license is specified.

Features are coming such as downloading sets in various formats!

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