Icons are used on a daily basis to illustrate a site, a model, a presentation… These are constantly evolving and the number of resources offering icons are numerous.

Iconoir is an ever-evolving open source SVG icon library. Over 900 icons are currently listed on the site and this number will change over time. Iconoir is completely free, there is no forced registration, no newsletter, no premium icons. The platform was launched by Luca Burgio, a Product Designer based in Milan.

A diversified library, constantly fed!

example of icons in Iconoir

Once on Iconoir, just type a word in the search bar to find the associated icons. Icons are divided into categories, including:

  • actions
  • activities
  • animation
  • audio
  • buildings
  • clothes
  • cloud
  • communication
  • connectivity
  • database
  • designer tools
  • development
  • devices

We also find the categories: documents, editor, emojis, finance, food, gestures, health, home, identity, layout, maps, music, navigation, organization, photos and videos, security, forms, shopping, social, system, transport, users or weather

To download an icon, just click on it to download it.

The feedback on Iconoir is more than positive, we can notably read “good work”, “beautiful collection” or even “impressive”. Among the features to come, we can for example quote, the possibility of copying an icon, in order to paste it easily, without having to download files.

The project being free, it is possible to support Luca by making a donation, in order to maintain the library and see new icons being added.

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