In a presentation, a simple document or even a spreadsheet, it happens to use icons to represent a column, a page, a situation… When adding icons to these documents, there is always a problem of quality, dimensions and we say to ourselves that ultimately the icon is useless and will waste our time!

Icons8 the platform to easily find icons now offers integration with Google, as an add-on . It is thus possible to optimize Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides with this add-on. In this way, presentations and documents are more original thanks to the set of icons offered by Icons8.
Icons9 offers over 170,000 free icons in over 35 styles, covering all necessary topics. Updates are free and icons are available in high quality.

A tool to make documents more readable and dynamic! the Icons8 add-on has been added to Google, simply search for icons or type the name of the icon you are looking for directly to add it to the document. It is possible to choose the size and color of the icon before adding it.

The advantage is that for free users, no account is required. To take advantage of the icons in PNG format and in large size, you must create a paid account!

With this new feature, Icons8 makes it easier for its users and people who work on various documents on a daily basis to engage people in document reading!

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