When you open your mailbox, it’s often the same pattern that repeats itself: you have a dozen exchanges to catch up on and several messages to which you have to respond. As a result, the list of e-mails is growing, and we don’t even bother to open and read the newsletters to which we have subscribed.

It is by becoming aware of this that Eric Franci created Meco . This is an application that brings together our newsletters on one interface. The goal is not only to read these famous contents, but also to unclog our mailbox.

Get rid of all distractions

Meco’s objective is simple: to allow everyone to read their newsletters in complete peace of mind, without being disturbed by notifications from their mailbox and by ongoing e-mail exchanges. To start using the app, you need to follow a few steps. The first is to log in with your Gmail account.

illustration meco

The objective is to be able to read its newsletters without being distracted. Illustration: Meco.

illustration meco

Installation only takes a few seconds. Illustration: Meco.

The tool then automatically identifies all e-mail addresses that send us newsletters. Just select the ones you want to appear in our application. In case we have forgotten one, do not panic, it is possible to add it later. Meco is then configured.

In the “Digest” tab, the newsletters received during the last twenty-four hours are displayed. Note that it is possible to configure the tool so that those received during the last seven or thirty days are presented.

To read one of the contents, you have to click on it as you would in your mailbox. The difference is that the display allows you to fully concentrate on what you are reading. The newsletter can even be displayed in full screen to focus entirely on the text. It should be mentioned that the tool does not store data from our emails and cannot read them. Meco emphasizes the privacy and information security of its users.

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In the “Discover” tab, Meco offers to discover new newsletters to add to its daily reading list. To subscribe to one of them, just click on the “Subscribe” button, which redirects us to the registration page.

Meco is available on desktop and mobile. Currently only iOS is supported.

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