Discover NordPass, An ultra-secure password manager [2022]

NordPass is a tool that saves and stores passwords in an ultra-secure way. It empowers its users to organize their passwords and secure their notes in an end-to-end encrypted vault.

It allows the management of passwords from saving to saving while browsing or by integrating a CSV file containing passwords exported from another password manager. It is possible to organize them in folders and synchronize different devices to access your passwords wherever you are. Its saving capacity has no limitation.

NordPass allows you to host other elements such as credit card, notes or your personal information (name, email, address, telephone number) in order to be able to automatically fill in online forms.

It offers many features to secure this data:

  • a complex password generator
  • a data breach scanner to analyze leaked data and vulnerable passwords
  • a password health report to identify weak, old, and reused passwords
  • biometric access to the mobile application
  • a two-factor authentication option
  • data encryption with the XChaCha20 algorithm
  • Secure Password Sharing
  • Ability to give emergency access to a member of your family in exceptional circumstances

It offers various prices:

  • 1.32 euros per month: for a full version for one user, for a 2-year subscription
  • 4.42 euros per month: for access for up to 6 users
  • 3.19 euros per month: per user for its version intended for companies

This password manager has a free but rather limited version.

NordPass is available as a desktop application (Windows, MacOS, Linux), as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or even Opera and via a mobile application on Google Play and the App Store. The solution is also accessible via a web version without having to install an application or plugin. You can therefore access all your secure data from any browser.

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  • Free version
  • Paid version : From 1.99 euros per month

Available on…

  • Application Android Application Android
  • Application iPhone Application iPhone
  • Application macOS Application macOS“>macOS
  • Windows software Windows software

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