Ramper is a Web3 SDK for authentication, private key management, cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies…

Web3 is an abstract concept for many Internet users. It refers to the idea of ​​a decentralized Internet using block chain or blockchain technology. It is used in particular to pay for purchases in cryptocurrencies. However, this requires you to follow many steps: download your wallet for each operation, save your private key, install an extension, etc.

To simplify Web3 adoption, Sisun Lee and his teams created Ramper . It is a tool that allows developers to design websites where users can buy cryptocurrencies in one click, and in complete safety.

A tool designed for developers, by developers

Crawl is a tool that has been designed by professional developers. The objective is to allow each developer to design an easily understandable user onboarding so that Internet users can experience Web3 and the elements that compose it.

diagram with use of the crawl tool

Crawling is easy to use. Illustration: Crawling.

diagram without using the crawl tool

Crawling removes many steps. Illustration: Crawling.

Using this tool first requires becoming familiar with certain terms and elements. Ramper is an SDK, i.e. a software development kit for Web3. It helps provide a crypto wallet that developers integrate into their DApps. Concretely, these are decentralized applications, therefore services running on the blockchain (website, video game, marketplace, etc.). Thanks to DApps, users can access several services securely. It is in this context that they are used in Crawling.

Once the crypto wallet is integrated into their DApps, users of their platform will be able to interact with the famous services offered. Before that, however, developers must choose one of the blockchain platforms offered by Ramper. We find Ethereum, Terra 2.0 and Polygon. You can then choose whether you want your platform or site to be designed with dark or light mode.

When users visit one of our decentralized applications, all they have to do is log in with their email, Twitter or Facebook account or even MetaMask. SSO connection is also available. They can then buy crypto with one click, without leaving the app in question. One objective: to simplify access to Web3.

The tool is completely free of charge and can be integrated with a simple piece of code.

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