Summer vacation is right around the corner, and chances are you’ll be connecting to public wifi networks that are more than sparsely secure. So just to surf in peace, how about adopting a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to connect to the Internet by passing your network traffic through private and secure servers. One of the most promising VPN players is arguably Surfshark.

In the landscape for years, Surfshark is constantly innovating and offers a good compromise between accessibility and performance. Going through a third-party server necessarily involves some latency, which is why you must choose your VPN provider carefully. Surfshark has many servers around the world (+3200 in 95 countries) and offers excellent ping and upload/download speeds, so it won’t slow down your surfing.

Regarding access to VOD services (and music), obviously, Surfshark connections are not blocked by Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Thus, depending on the country of the server through which you pass, you will have access to content catalogs without geographical restrictions. Surfshark thus supports the 37 Netflix catalogs as well as 13 Prime Video catalogs, the 15 from Disney+, Canal+, Hulu, ARTE, etc. At the top for “traveling” while staying at home or simply continuing to follow your favorite series even on vacation abroad.

Regarding security, everything is obviously encrypted in AES-256-GCM and the VPN protocol used by default is IKEv2/IPsec. However if you have a preference for OpenVPN, WireGuard or L2TP, it is possible to use these protocols. In addition, Surfshark allows obfuscation (the famous camouflage mode) so that your Internet service provider cannot know that you are using a VPN.

Moreover, if you subscribe before July 4th to a standard 2-year VPN plan, Surfshark will offer you free antivirus as well as 2 months of free subscriptions. The Windows and macOS compatible antivirus has also been certified by Virus Bulletin and you can find out about the level of seriousness of the software by consulting the evaluation report (spoiler: It is excellent).

A CleanWeb function also makes it possible to block trackers and other phishing attempts, which is very practical when you are not awake.

Surfshark Search also allows you to search the Internet without leaving a trace thanks to its search engine without ads and without tracking. As for Surfshark Alert, this service allows you to monitor your digital identity, in particular your online accounts to find out if data has leaked following a hack.

But Linuxians are not left out since a graphical interface is now available on Linux! Yes, before it was necessarily the command line to use Surfshark but for some time, the same interface as for Windows / macOS users is also available on Linux. The tool uses Wireguard and integrates IPv6 support as well as DNS leak protection and other features such as automatic connection and kill switch (i.e. total Internet shutdown in the event of a VPN shutdown) will be coming soon.

Beyond the antivirus and the arrival of the interface under Linux , the big novelty of 2022 from Surfshark is the arrival of their Nexus technology based on SDN (Software Defined Network). This allows dynamic and programmatic configuration of the network in order to improve its performance, maintenance and the privacy of its users. Thanks to Nexus, connections are in fact much more stable and secure.

As you can see in the screenshot above, thanks to Nexus, you can now benefit from a rotating IP which will change every 5 to 10 minutes automatically, ensuring better untraceability.

Eventually Nexus will allow the arrival of new features such as IP Randomizer which will allow you to use several different IP addresses at the same time when you connect to the internet. For example, different IP addresses for different websites. 

And Dynamic MultiHop which will allow users to choose their own VPN ingress and egress locations as they see fit. For example, entering the Nexus network via location A (Paris for example) and exiting via location B (United States).

In short, only good with a super complete offer that is constantly improving. Finally, know that with the same subscription you can use Surfshark on as many machines as you want, at the same time. Surfshark works on any type of device: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone…etc.

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