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Selecting the right font or typeface for a website is a crucial aspect of its design. The typeface sets the tone and creates a specific atmosphere for the website while also reinforcing its brand identity and ensuring optimal readability for its users. Nevertheless, finding the perfect typeface can sometimes be a daunting task. That’s why we would like to introduce you to, a new online tool that can detect the fonts used on any website. With, identifying the font used on a website is a breeze, saving you time and helping you find the ideal typeface for your own site.

Quick and easy font detection with is an online tool that provides an easy and free solution for both graphic and website designers to identify the fonts used on any website page. With, there is no need to install or configure any software on your computer. Simply navigate to, enter the website URL you want to analyze, and click on the “Analyze Fonts” button. Within seconds, will display all the fonts used on the web page.

In addition to identifying the fonts, also generates a graph showing the proportions of each font used by the website. The tool also provides details for each font including the name, weight, style, and different sizes used. With these features, helps designers save time and effort in finding the right font for their designs.

Know the font of a website with

However, it’s important to note that does have some limitations. The tool does not allow users to directly download the identified fonts; instead, users must conduct their own research to locate and download the fonts.

Another limitation of is that it only detects the fonts used for the text present on the website. The tool is unable to analyze fonts used in logos or images, for which specific tools such as WhatTheFont may be more suitable.

Despite these limitations, remains a useful tool for designers who need a quick and easy way to identify the fonts used on a website.

Find the name of a font on a website with Fonty

What you must remember is an ideal tool for graphic designers, front-end developers, and anyone who wants to learn more about the fonts used on their favorite websites. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project or need to identify a specific typeface for your design, provides a simple solution for locating the fonts used on any web page.

Moreover, for those who prefer a browser extension, Fonts Ninja is another tool worth considering. Like, Fonts Ninja enables users to identify fonts used on web pages and provides additional features such as font pairing suggestions and direct links to download the identified fonts.

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