FreeIcons , Doodle Icons , Icons8 … The web is full of free icon libraries. They allow you to personalize your projects, presentations or illustrations. For its part, Untitled UI Icons offers more than 1,100, specially designed for Figma, the collaborative UI design platform. These are simple icons that can be used in various projects.

Simple icons that can be used in multiple projects

Obtaining these icons only takes a few seconds. On the Untitled UI Icons website, click on “Free version”. Although it is not mandatory, it is possible to make a donation to the creators of the library by entering the amount of your choice. A simple click on the “Buy” button gives access to the download page. From a PDF document, we get the icon library link on Figma. You must log in to the platform and click on “Duplicate” to obtain all the content.

illustration Untitled UI Icons

The icons are designed for Figma. Illustration: Untitled UI Icons.

illustration Untitled UI Icons

The icons are usable in various projects. Illustration: Untitled UI Icons.

The icons are sorted according to their field of use. For example, a “Finance & E-commerce” section is available. There are icons related to banking, crypto-currencies or even shopping. There are also some for travel, weather, web development… In total, 19 categories make up the library. As you will have understood, it is difficult not to find the content we need.

More general icons are also offered, such as a floppy disk for backup, an arrow in a circle for downloading or even a cloud to represent the cloud. Arrows, smileys and shapes are also included in the library. You can use icons to represent a file, notifications, users… For each section, about fifty contents are presented.

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The advantage is that since the icons are designed on Figma, they are editable. It is possible to opt for a more vivid color and add effects such as a shadow. Each element is exportable in PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF.

Untitled UI Icons also offers two paid versions. They both give access to icons with two-color lines, and others filled with one color. Additional content is also available.

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