Of course, when talking about internet connection quality, most people think: speed and ping.

It’s true that it’s essential and it can be measured with tools like Fast.com Where speed test. But there is also the stability of your ADSL line, your Fiber or your 4G/5G connection which is important.

A connection with a lot of bandwidth is cool for watching a video online or downloading a file, but for less demanding activities such as videoconferencing or video games, what matters most is that the answers to your requests are fast and reliable.

If your requests do not reach their destination, the packets are then lost and this can degrade your gaming experience, for example. On FPS, to be good, the ping should be at least well below 60ms and there should be no lost packets.

Same thing for videoconferences or VoIP, you must have a good ping level and a certain regularity in the arrival of your TCP packets so that the discussion remains understandable.

So how do you assess that? Well go to the site Packet Loss Test to measure the reliability of your connection, and determine both the latency, but also the percentage of lost packets.

For my part, I’m pretty good. If on your side, you have a lot of lost packets, it is not necessarily your ISP’s fault. Play around with the site settings to adapt the test to your maximum bandwidth.

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And if that does not change anything, it is very likely that you have on your local network, a router or a network card that behaves badly. It will then be necessary to play the game of I unplug you, I re-test and I see if it’s better“.

Finally, if nothing is wrong, a quick phone call to the internet service provider. Good luck with this last step.

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