Domain Authority (DA): The ultimate tutorial [2022]

The domain authority (DA or domain authority) was designed and developed by the firm Moz, which specializes in the field of SEO. It consists of measuring what can be called the strength of a website. It then determines a score varying on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the highest score. Therefore, the higher your score, the better your website will rank on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). To give you an idea, a domain authority of 50 is considered strong. As for Youtube or Facebook for example, they reach the maximum of DA because they have a domain authority of 100.

It is therefore essential to take into consideration the requirements of search engines, but not only. You also need to look at your domain authority. These are the two major aspects in terms of quality and credibility, influencing the positioning of your website.

Domain Authority, or DA, measures your site’s strength on a scale of 0-100. It’s a data calculated by , which they calculate by trying to replicate what Google does to rank sites relative to each other.

Here’s how to read the Domain Authority scale:

  • DA < 10:  Very low authority. If many sites on the 1st page are from this Domain Authority, it will be easy to go up a priori!
  • DA > 10 & DA < 20:  Low authority, but “OK”. This corresponds to sites that already have a minimal reputation and probably decent content. But their netliking remains weak.
  • DA > 20 & DA < 40:  Authority OK. These sites have a very decent reputation and significant netlinking, it will not be easy to dislodge them.
  • DA > 40 & DA < 60  : Strong domain authority. This corresponds to a site like, therefore already very famous.
  • DA > 60  : Very strong domain authority, such as
  • DA > 80  : Extremely strong domain authority. It will be very difficult to dislodge them. Example: Wikipedia,, etc.

The higher your Domain Authority, the stronger your site is considered by Google.

domain authority facebook

How is the Domain Authority calculated? 

Incoming links (Backlinks): 

backlink symbol

The firm Moz uses about forty criteria to calculate the authority of a website. Among these criteria, we find the quality of incoming links (backlinks). These are links redirecting to your site, a page of it, or one of your contents such as an article for example. Well, when a site whose strength is high places a backlink pointing to your site, you considerably increase your image of trust with Google. This is what it will rely on to rank your site, putting you ahead of those with lower quality links. 

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The amount of backlinks also comes into play. However, never favor quantity in favor of quality because you would be on the wrong track. One quality link will have a stronger impact than dozens of lower quality links. So focus on getting backlinks from sites with a good DA. Be aware that some SEO agencies have a network of partners and then offer you this kind of service.

The quality of the content posted online:

writing symbol

Posting content is an essential element for your natural referencing and your e-reputation. Indeed, Google likes the contribution of new knowledge and active websites. This is why posting content initially allows you to provide information, explanations, advice or promotion concerning your website or your field of activity. But it allows in a second time to talk about you and improve your visibility, and therefore your attendance rate. 

Be careful all the same not to do what is called “duplicate content”, that is to say, use copy/paste to feed your content. Be aware that search engines strongly sanction this practice.

In addition, editorial content also meets several criteria determining its quality and interest. So, to write quality editorial content, you need to know the main requirements of our search engines. Especially since it can impact your domain authority. This is why this element is to be handled with care.

Popularity on social networks:

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Social networks are a multiple opportunity. Indeed, they can be a significant and profitable means of advertising. But they can also make you visible and improve your e-reputation . In addition, these applications can bring you new leads, and therefore increase traffic to your website. We can then consider that making a place for yourself in this community could be a turning point in your notoriety. 

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So much so that social networks are now taken into account in this strength calculation estimated by your DA. Taking them into consideration allows several things. Indeed, if you are put forward by the community, it is because your site offers completely credible and interesting content; plus a comfortable UX (user experience) . In addition, the support of socialites will prove that you are an active person. Someone who contributes content regularly, and in this case, meaningful content. 

Gain of popularity on the networks = gain of visibility thanks to the DA = gain of new prospects. 

The quality of your SEO:

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Your natural referencing also meets a multitude of criteria. Improving your natural referencing means perfecting each criterion to gain in quality. 

A good SEO will support your credibility, in addition to offering you a coveted position in the SERP. So find out how you can improve your natural referencing , as this is a major element in the calculation of your DA.

Domain Authority: Why is it important in SEO?

A few years ago, Google ranked web pages more than sites. And the flagship metric tracked by SEO experts was PageRank , which even Google provided.
Increasingly, Google is also evaluating your site’s overall reputation, based on your content and  netlinking . It then values ​​your reliability and not just the content of the page in question. Thus, on some very competitive requests, a high Domain Authority will be necessary to bring your page up.

For example, on a very competitive query like “women’s shoes”, which is searched for more than 70,000 times a month on Google, we can see that:

Extract on from the query “women’s shoes”

  • Minimum Domain Authority  : 29 -> this is obviously not the only criterion, but if your Domain Authority is for example less than 10, it will be very very complicated to enter the 1st page
  • Average Domain Authority: 44  >> we understand that “overall”, the request is very competitive!
  • Conclusion  : on this type of request, making good content on the page you want to optimize will not be enough, you have to work on the “global” reputation of your site.
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The higher your DA, the more your site is considered powerful and credible  in the eyes of Google and therefore you will have a better chance of arriving on the first page of the search engines. It is considered that from a DA of 50 the domain authority of a site is strong.

Pro tip: The scale from 0 to 100 is logarithmic, meaning it is easier for a site to gain 10 points between 20 and 30 than between 60 and 70. The more powerful your site becomes, the more complex it becomes to gain additional points in terms of Domain Authority.

What you must remember:

You understood it, the domain authority will judge the interest and the quality of your website; and this, by means of a score between 1 and 100. The quality of your SEO and your content of course take into account. But also come into question your Backlinks, as well as your activity on social networks. 

A good DA will give you a top spot in the SERP . This position will be favorable to your notoriety, increase your attendance rate and develop your turnover. This is therefore an aspect not to be overlooked when creating or managing your website. 

Note: Do not buy links!! Or in any case, check that they have a higher Domain Authority than yours! We will also be able to talk in a future post about the notion of “Trust Flow”, which is specific to the Majestic tool , and which can also be a good indicator if however the purchase of links, “the exchange of links” is something important for you!

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