Drago – A configuration manager for Wireguard networks

@ KORBEN  –  MAY 20, 2022

If you want to set up a small VPN server based on Wireguard and manage everything through a nice web interface, take a look at Drago!

Drago is a configuration manager for WireGuard designed to facilitate the configuration of secure network layers distributed across heterogeneous nodes. Nodes that are distributed across different cloud machines or networks.

With Drago, it is possible, for example, to connect IoT devices securely or to set up a personal cloud with several Raspberry Pi.

Drago operates on a client-server principle where the centralized server acts as a gateway providing multiple Wireguard clients with the state desired by the user.

For their part, Drago clients run on each node of the network and communicate with each other in encrypted form. They can support multiple Wireguard configs and are responsible for retrieving the most recent configurations from the server through the API. Each client ensures that the config retrieved is the one stored in Drago’s database. Everything related to the generation of key pairs is also automated and the nodes automatically share public keys.

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