Although e-commerce is an area accessible to everyone, creating an online store is not an easy task. This requires time, means and method. Fortunately, there are tools to simplify the design process, such as Dukaan . It gives the possibility of developing quality websites to sell its products, without knowing how to code.

An intuitive platform to launch your business

To start, it is necessary to fill in some information. Among them, the country in which you launch your business (in order to define a currency), the name of your company and your sector of activity. You then access the Dukaan interface.

illustration shop

Only a few clicks are enough to design your e-commerce platform. Illustration: Dukaan.

illustration shop

Several integrations are offered. Illustration: Dukaan.

To create your site, only a few steps are necessary. At first, it is necessary to enter the products that we sell. If we need to define the name of the item and its price, the artificial intelligence (AI) of the tool takes care of the description. Just upload its inventory.

Then you have to add images and you’re done. All you have to do is do this for your entire catalog and choose the authorized payment methods. Dukaan supports all credit cards through Stripe. PayPal payments are also accepted, as are cash on delivery. There are no transaction fees.

Of course, the user is free to choose the design of his e-commerce site. The tool offers templates to rely on to facilitate the creation process. Designing a neat platform takes just a few moments.

Dukaan offers additional features in the “Manage” tab. You can use the invoice generator, create discounts or even launch your own application.

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The tool also has analytics options. From the main tab, you have the possibility to follow the performance of your activity thanks to graphs. They include the number of sales in recent months and the number of views counted on its website. At a glance, you can also access its latest sales.

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